GESEK held its first annual general meeting

GESEK held its first annual general meeting
25.05.23 GESEK

On 22 May, the Committee for Green Energy and Sector Coupling (GESEK) held its first ordinary annual general meeting after the founding annual meeting last year in October. The meeting was held at AI Innovation House in the Danish city of Vejle.
GESEK’s first ordinary annual meeting started with a report presented by the chairman, Steen Brødbæk, and was followed by three proposals to adjustments to the committee’s articles of association and the re-election of two of the company representatives in GESEK’s steering committee.
In his report, the chairman emphasized the need to maintain coherence and keep an overview of the transition to green energy. It is a challenge as the task becomes more and more urgent towards 2030 and 2045. And precisely here, GESEK has an important function to fill, the chairman said and continued:
– After all, GESEK was established with the aim of creating a Southern Jutlandic business lighthouse that can rise to the top and be seen from a long distance. The function of a lighthouse is exactly to guide and create an overview so that noone runs aground or sinks but reaches his destination as safely and quickly as possible. This is the task we have taken on in Southern Jutland in relation to the transformation of the energy sector.
He then took stock of projects that have so far been launched under the auspices of GESEK and thanked the project-supporting organizations Energy Cluster Denmark and Work-Live-Stay for their great efforts.
Securing funding for additional project activities currently takes up a lot of GESEK’s work, but project funds cannot do it alone, the chairman pointed out.
– A base of free funds in the form of contributions from the state, municipalities and/or companies is necessary to give the lighthouse a solid foundation to build on. But if we get this in place, the potential is also great to break through as not only a Danish, but also an international beacon for green energy and sector coupling, Steen Brødbæk concluded.
Unanimous support
Three proposals were considered, and all adopted unanimously. This means that the Region of Southern Denmark now has a place in GESEK’s steering group, which in future consists of twelve members and three observers.
In addition, the assembly adopted a simplification of the workflows in GESEK’s different work tracks, so that, in future, the project-bearing organizations are directly responsible to GESEK’s steering committee and not to a number of appointed specialist committees as previously defined.
The meeting ended by Søren Knudsen Kær from European Energy and Jørgen Nielsen from TVIS being re-elected to the steering committee for two years, before today’s conductor, Vejle’s mayor, Jens Ejner Christensen, adjourned the meeting and thank everyone for good order.


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