GESEK holds its annual general meeting

GESEK holds its annual general meeting
15.04.23 GESEK

Now it is time for the annual meeting of the Committee for Green Energy and Sector Coupling (GESEK). Sign up and get the latest news about the accomplishments of the lighthouse from within.

Although it has been less than seven months since the Committee for Green Energy and Sector Coupling (GESEK) held its founding annual meeting, it is time for the first annual meeting.
The short interval is because the Articles of Association stipulate that the annual meetings be held in the spring, while the founding annual meeting took place in the autumn of 2022.
Thus, this is the Committee’s first ordinary annual meeting. The meeting takes place in Dandy Business Park, Meeting Room Quantum, Innovations Allé 3, DK-7100 Vejle
The agenda is laid down in the Committee’s statutes and is as follows:
1. Election of conductor of the meeting and meeting referee
2. Presentation and approval of the steering committee’s report
3. Presentation and approval of annual accounts and budget
4. Processing of submitted proposals
5. Election of company representatives for the steering committee
6. Other matters
After the ordinary annual meeting, there will be a themed debate on Danish energy solutions in an international perspective.
More about the content of the panel debate and any proposed proposals for the annual meeting will follow at a later date.
Everyone registered as a member on 17 April 2023 has a right to vote, but everyone is welcome to attend the meeting.
If you are in doubt about your membership status, contact GESEK here