Do you have an innovation project for our next application?

Do you have an innovation project for our next application?
31.05.23 GESEK

If you have an exciting project idea that fits the Southern Jutlandic business lighthouse focusing on green energy and sector coupling – or if you want to be involved in two exciting projects that are under development – then now is the time to get in touch.

A special recommendation committee has announced an application , round in which 100 million DKK from the Foundation for Just Transition will be granted to support the further development of the local business lighthouses in Northern Jutland and Southern Jutland.

Right now, Energy Cluster Denmark – as project-bearing partner in the Southern Jutlandic business lighthouse, GESEK, is looking at the possibility of expanding the lighthouse’s portfolio of innovation projects via this offer for funding and is now inviting possible project proposals for a joint application.
As an applicant, there are two tracks you can choose in this call. Please note that each track has different application deadlines.

In track 1, two open project ideas are already being developed in collaboration with problem owners in Southern Jutland. Here, as a company or knowledge partner, you will have the opportunity to apply to becoming a contributor to solving the defined problems. You do this concretely by filling in a one-pager, where you describe how your project idea can contribute to solving the challenge. The application deadline for submitting this one-pager is on 23 June 2023 at midnight.
If the project idea is within the framework, there will be a process where applicant(s) and problem owner develop the project idea in a project description, schedule, and budget. The application deadline for this project proposal is on 11 August at midnight.


In track 2,  applicants can submit project proposals that cannot be categorized under the two aforementioned project ideas. These project proposals have a deadline of August 11th at 11:59 PM.

The vision of the Southern Jutlandic business lighthouse is as follows:

Southern Jutland aims to be an international, green energy metropolis. This is done by maintaining and building on the region’s existing positions of strength within green energy with the aim of developing, testing, and demonstrating the future’s green technologies and sector coupling solutions.

Partnership Agreement between GESEK and the Danish government,The Southern Jutlandic business lighthouse embraces technology broadly. Support can be granted for project activities that contribute to the vision and our five goals described  in the Partnerskabsaftalen imellem GESEK og den danske regering, i.e., the development and demonstration of new energy technology solutions and integrated energy systems. This can be done, for instance, by developing and scaling cost- and energy-efficient solutions for sector coupling and the conversion of green electricity to green fuels.


General information

  • Financial framework: 100 million DKK which the Northern Jutland and Southern Jutlandic lighthouses will compete about.
  • Funding: The total application can receive a maximum of 50 % in support for project-relevant costs.
  • Application deadline: Track 1: on 23 June at 23.59. Track 2: on August 11 at 23.59. The complete application must be submitted to the Danish Business Authority at the latest by 24 August
  • Decision: Q4 2023

Subsidies can be given to innovation projects that fall within the aforementioned professional framework. Potential applicants are public and private organisations, including small, medium, and large companies and knowledge institutions.